Two of six Stakeholder-Dialogues of the NRP 74 have taken place

Stakeholders and researchers jointly discussed findings from the programme and its projects.

Eleven experts from service providers, insurance companies, cantons and health leagues took part in the stakeholder dialogue "Costs and Reimbursement". The synthesis team around steering group member Prof. Steffen Flessa presented the findings from the three research projects No. 12 (Felder), No. 13 (Gerfin) and No. 32 (Marti), which focused on costs and reimbursement. The participants discussed the relevance and feasibility for proposals to reform the reimbursement system and to improve coordination and continuity in primary care are. They also identified success factors, obstacles and important promoters. The discussion underlined the importance of costs and reimbursement for the optimisation of healthcare in Switzerland; at the same time, it pointed out the current political barriers when it comes to the implementation of concrete measures.

At the "EHCL+" stakeholder dialogue, the discussion revolved around the establishment and strengthening of a health care research community in Switzerland. The president of the NRP 74 steering group, Prof. Milo Puhan, presented the experiences of the NRP 74's "Emerging Health Care Leaders EHCL" programme to eight representatives of health care providers, insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry. The aim of this programme is to strengthen the community of young researchers in Switzerland. Two programme participants gave a testimonial in this context. Afterwards, steering group member Prof. Katharina Janus presented the results of a focus study on strengthening the health services research community in Switzerland. In the subsequent discussion, the stakeholders emphasised the importance of a low-threshold network in Switzerland where representatives of research, politics and practice can meet and exchange ideas at eye level. Among other things, they identified small visible successes and the consideration of the participants’ needs as success factors.

In autumn, the remaining four stakeholder dialogues on "Health Care Data", "Quality of Health Care", "Patient Choice" and "Coordination and Care Models” will take place. The results of the stakeholder dialogues will be incorporated into the programme synthesis and recommendations, which will be presented at the NRP 74 synthesis conference on 11 and 12 April 2022.