Emerging Health Care Leaders

NRP 74 Training programme for early career scientists

​The Emerging Health Care Leader (EHCL) programme is a pioneering needs-based training programme for early career scientists (PhDs, postdocs and junior doctors) engaged in NRP 74 “Smarter Health Care” projects. The programme empowers the EHCL participants to become tomorrow’s health care leaders in Switzerland. The participants take part in professional skill trainings, career coaching sessions, “spark sessions” with health care experts, networking events and programme retreats. Over the programme period, the EHCL participants will form a robust network of Swiss health care leaders. The EHCL programme will ultimately further the health care research field in Switzerland through knowledge exchange and collaboration, and serve as a model for future programmes promoting young scientists.

Areas of the Emerging Health Care Leaders programme:


Early career scientists are the best collaborative bridges between research teams. An investment in their careers and network will have benefits in the short term (increased collaboration) and in the long-term (creating a strong network of leaders in health care).

Spark Sessions

EHCL participants will be invited to “Spark Sessions,” which are similar to a small conference and designed to “spark” new ideas, collaborations and skills.

Career coaching

Career planning will be a centrepiece of this programme. From an early stage, career coaching will be offered in peer groups and individually.

Skills training

Skills training using interactive workshops will prepare EHCL participants for top careers in health care. The range of topics includes presentation skills, project management, securing grants in Switzerland and abroad, and knowledge transfer.


A central aim of this programme is to catalyse national and international collaboration between health care experts and EHCL participants. The EHCL participants themselves will also form a strong and lasting network of emerging health care leaders.


Two retreats held during the EHCL programme will provide opportunities for close collaboration between EHCL participants.