The future of healthcare research in Switzerland: with full speed ahead

Various initiatives have paved the way for strong healthcare research in Switzerland. The task now is to plan for the future.

The Swiss healthcare system is facing major challenges. Health Services Research (HSR) contributes with sound scientific analyses to offer answers to these challenges and to further developing the health care system.

To advance this inter- and transdisciplinary field of research, various initiatives have been launched in Switzerland in recent years. These include; the National Research Programme (NRP) 74 "Smarter Health Care", the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+) and the Swiss Learning Health System (SLHS).

Since important initiatives are time sensitive, representatives of the three organizations mentioned above and the Federal Office of Public Health have come together to prepare a joint follow-up solution for the sustainable anchoring of HSR in Switzerland under the title: "Future HSR.

The aim and purpose of «Future HSR» is to establish a strong HSR community, following its establishment through the NRP 74. This is intended to carry out internationally lead health care research and to identify the needs of the Swiss health care system in close cooperation between research and practice.