Insight into four NRP 74 research projects

Researchers, practice partners and patients describe the results and their experiences from four NRP 74 research projects in short films.

​​The National Research Programme 74 is drawing to a close. The majority of the 34 research projects have been completed or will do so soon. The summaries of the projects and the list of publications (as of September 2022: 233 articles) are regularly updated on the NRP 74 website.

In four short films, researchers, practice partners and patients present the results and their research projects. They talk about their experiences and the perceived benefits from their own perspectives.

The projects deal with participatory medicine in the early detection of colorectal cancer (project 02), with interprofessional quality circles in nursing homes (project 06), with acute psychiatric treatment at home (project 08) and with a electronic decision support system for reviewing prescribed medication for the chronically ill (project 22).​