The results of three more research projects are available.

The projects focused on the optimisation of medication and the collection of routine clinical data in outpatient care.

The projects funded by NRP 74 started at two points in time (2017 and 2019) and last between two and five years. They are expected to finish at different times.

Overview of the three recently completed projects:

Project 6: Optimising the medication of elderly persons living in nursing homes

Interprofessional quality circles improve medication in nursing homes

By stopping or reducing unsuitable medications, the state of health and quality of life of elderly people can be improved. Interprofessional quality circles in old people's and nursing homes promote this “deprescribing”, as the study conducted in 58 old people's and nursing homes in the cantons of Fribourg and Vaud shows.

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Project 7: Improving the data situation in out-patient healthcare

Routine data from primary care practices serve to improve the healthcare system in Switzerland

The FIRE database is the first and so far only database in Switzerland that collects routine clinical data on outpatient care at the national level. This data is used both for quality assurance in outpatient care and to answer research questions on health care.

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Project 19: Optimised medication and communication at discharge

Critical review of the medication list when leaving hospital necessary, but not sufficient

When patients leave hospital, important decisions are made that determine their health and well-being. In order to achieve clear effects with regard to avoidable complications and premature readmissions, further measures are needed in addition to the critical review of medication together with the patients and their general practitioners.

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The results of further research projects are expected in the course of the year.

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