EHCL Workshop on Participatory Health Research – research with people

Project31 Caring Communities is organizing an EHCL-workshop with expert Prof. Dr. Jarg Bergold on Participatory Health Research.

​Why engaging with Participatory Health Research? – In participatory research, two spheres of human action interact, cooperate and mutually learn from each other: science and (everyday) practice. It is an empowering and humbling process. At best, it produces rich and grounded insights that are relevant to the academic world and everyday life – and potentially change it. However, it also is a complex and often complicated, hence demanding process that requires continued reflection and re-adjusting.

In the workshop we learn and discuss basic principles and various forms of participatory research and reflect on the implications of this research methodology for the field of health research and our very own projects.

Expert Prof. em. Dr. Jarg Bergold, clinical and community psychologist at Freie Universität Berlin has worked extensively on participatory research methods in the context of health. Key contributions include work with people in vulnerable situations, including homeless people, HIV positive people, poverty and crisis management in Berlin. At present, Jarg Bergold is part of a project on participation and empowerment in an elderly care home nearby Munich.

Save the date today, an invitation and further details will follow in June.

If face-to-face meetings and traveling are still inappropriate in September, the workshop will be online.

Team Project31 is looking forward to seeing you all there!


07.09.2020 00:00


07.09.2020 00:00



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